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Pure Aloe Vera

From Plant to Product to you

Because we love Aloe, we treat the 50 million Aloe Barbadensis plants in our plantation a bit differently.

Our Aloe is harvested by hand and our potent Aloe Vera is delicately separated from the leaf before being gently stabilized in a special, patented process.

This all happens within hours of harvesting to provide you the purest, freshest Aloe Vera from plant to product to you.

Powerful Ingredients

At Forever, we combine pure Aloe Vera with natural and scientifically advanced ingredients selected to complement and enhance the benefits of Aloe.

Our complete family of Aloe Vera drinks, skin care products and cosmetics bring the remarkable properties of Aloe to the entire body. Add to that our full line of supplements and nutritious bee products and you have a complete system help you look better and feel better.

The Benefits if Aloe Vera

Aloe has been celebrated for thousands of years for its natural soothing, cooling and moisturizing properties. Many people use Aloe to soothe minor burns or comfort and moisturizer stressed skin, but did you know there are many other scientifically proven benefits? Here are just a few reasons we know you will love our Aloe:

01/ Supports Healthy Digestion

02/ Provides Rapid Soothing

03/ Immune Support & Function

04/ Dental Health & Hygiene

05/ Collagen & Elastin Support


Imagine slicing open an Aloe leaf and consuming the gel directly from the plant. Forever Living signature product, Forever Aloe Vera Gel is as close to the real thing as you can get. The first of its kind to receive certification by the International Aloe Science Council, this rich combination of pulp and liquid provides the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera just as nature intended.

Ensuring the highest quality

We own numerous patents for the stabilization of Aloe Vera, which assures you of the highest quality Aloe Vera based health and beauty products. Many of our products also feature the Kosher, Halal and Islamic Seals of Approval. our products are not tested on animals.

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